Saturday, December 27, 2008

Back... with a puzzle

So I got to spend a few days with the family & away from normal life.

Now I am glad to be back home, even if it means that tomorrow it will be back to work & life will begin to get a bit less magical & more practical.

Since I spent the past few days with family, its only appropriate to share a site that they shared with me a while back.

I didn't get the name at first. Its a puzzle site where you get a word & there are boxes connected to that word that are in some way associated with the word. You guess by typing in words in the boxes. Then when you guess right it will open up more connections. Seems easy enough... yet oh so addictive!

I got many phone calls from my mom trying to figure out words that would be linked! Finally I had to give up & just walk away from it for a while.

Still great way to kill a few hours..... & spend a few wondering who created this thing!!! Wondering how much longer you can work on this before you lose it & they send you to the funny farm!



Wendy said...

This site is just plain evil! There just can't be that many farm words, can there?

Wendy said...

Okay, still being driven crazy by this puzzle. Maybe you should post some of your answers... ;o)

MoonGoddess said...

I had to walk away from this thing! I admit that I got a few more blocks opened up but I didn't get the whole thing solved.

Worst part was I was doing it at home, then on my lunch break I did some more & it didn't transfer to the one I had at home! I wanted to scream. Course I didn't remember all the answers that I had come up with!