Monday, April 13, 2009

Birds - beautiful comedians

So lately I am unable to get birds off my mind, which I don't mind. They are so funny. Such innocence....yet such chaos!

Check out the Bird Hot Line. A website where people can share bird stories. I dare you to read a few without laughing. I got the giggles early on. Full out had to laugh when I got to number 96:

" (96) Milo seems to always know exactly what she is saying.

My Blue and Gold Macaw Milo seems to ALWAYS know exactly what she is saying. She has proved this several times. Once, when we were walking down the street, a little girl came running up to me and asked me if the bird on my shoulder was real. Before I could reply, Milo said "What's that?" I answered her with, "it's a little girl Milo." Milo said "" I said "no no, we don't eat little girls." Milo said "Oh, bad bird!" and laughed. One of Milo's favorite games is to chase the cats. She climbs down the cage and races after them with "Cmere...C'mere! C'mere kitty kitty, heeerree kitty kitty" and laughs. They know not to come to her, but she knows exactly what they are.

My all time favorite was when my friend taught Milo a phrase secretively. And I mean, SECRETIVELY! I had no idea Milo learned it, she was perfectly quiet about saying it around me. Well my father comes to visit one night and sleeps on the couch. Oh...around 3 in the morning we'll say, he's awakened with the very quiet whisper .. "I see dead people" and a psychotic laugh. I could not get him to spend the night at my house again if my life depended on it!"

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Wendy said...

Those are some funny bird videos! The first bird was kinda freakin' me out... The commercial was great! And yup, totally loved the bird story. I see dead people...

Helen said...

Bird story was funny. I wouldn't sleep at your house either. Then again, I wasn't invited.
Loved the commercial.